A satellite image of the area around the water.

Oh…..The Bunkers!! Removing the complexity of Deep Learning

18 February 2022 Dr. Dipak Paudyal e-mail: [email protected] Chief Scientist & Managing Director APAC Geospatial...
A satellite image of the city of godollo.

Eye in the Sky: Mapping the Extent of Flooded areas in Southern QLD and Northern NSW using freely available Sentinel Imagery

Dr. Dipak Paudyale-mail: [email protected] Scientist & Managing DirectorAPAC Geospatial (Originally published on 22 Jan 2022)...

The first look at NovaSAR-1 for applications in Australia – an exciting time ahead for SAR users

Dr Dipak Paudyale-mail: [email protected] Scientist & Managing DirectorAPAC GeospatialFellow SSSIAdjunct Associate Prof, University of QLDLinkedin:...
A series of images showing the evolution of satellites.

Enhancing Situational Awareness with Remote Sensing: Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images for Defence & Intelligence (D&I) Applications

Dr. Dipak Paudyal The proliferation in the availability of remotely sensed (RS) data creates challenges...

How Machine Learning and Deep Learning Work

14 January 2019 Demystifying and breaking down the terminology of machine leaning and deep learning...

Using SAR Imagery for Road Maintenance

27 February 2017

Could satellites be the secret to detecting water leaks?

11 October 2016

SAR Imagery for Critical Decision Making

20 July 2017

Why was it so difficult to find MH370 debris using satellite imagery?

March 2014